Campus Ambassador

What should you do?
Generate excitement and anticipation for the fest through word of-mouthpromotions, social media campaigns,and engaging activities .
Gathering participation : Motivate and encourage your peersto participate in the fest's diversecompetitions , workshops , and events.
Being a source of information : Answer your classmates' questions,provide clear directions, and act asa helpful guide throughout the fest.
Benefits you
will enjoy!


Exclusive Merchandise

Flaunt your ambassador status with a cool t-shirt, badge, and other exciting goodies.


Priority access to events

Skip the queues and enjoy priority access to all competitions, workshops, and performances.


Behind-the-scenes experience

Get a glimpse of the inner workings of the fest and interact with the organizing team.


Networking opportunities

Connect with fellow ambassadors, talented performers, and renowned artists, expanding your network and building valuable relationships.


Certificate of recognition

Showcase your contribution to the fest with a prestigious certificate acknowledging your valuable efforts.


The Top Chart

There will be multiple students from each college chosen for this position

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